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Welcome to 203kworld.com, where we specialize in renovation financing. The FHA 203K Renovation loan is a wonderful tool that provides money to Buy it + Fix it = All in One Loan! For either a purchase or a refinance, the FHA 203k has many variations to suit your needs, including energy-efficiency improvements (EEM) and "Going Green" renovations -- from complete rehabs to smaller projects, including new kitchens and baths.  You can do additions and garages and even raise the roof!  You can even use  this loan to refinance.

We have a network of vetted, professional, experienced individuals all throughout the country to HELP YOU with your renovation loan, from start to finish.  If you are interested in applying for a mortgage, click the "Apply Online" link to the right and you will be directed to direct FHA Lending Bank, who can help you with and apply for your Renovation Loan - COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.

Our Business Philosophy is very simple:
-- Take care of your customer and your customers will take care of you.(Thank you for referrals)
-- There is no “Sales” required in helping a client attain their mortgage... only education.
-- Each client is a root of our lending tree…
-- Business Plan: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

Give us a call to discuss your particular mortgage needs. No matter what your question or your situation, you will receive expert service with a friendly voice. We will be glad to review your circumstances and determine the best course of action, to save you money and expedite the lending process.