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   With broad experience in the Baltimore-area real estate market as a homebuilder, contractor, realtor, mortgage lender, and underwriter, I have been helping clients through the renovation loan process for more than 23 years. I specialize in federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 203K loans and have worked on more than 4,000 of these mortgages since 1995. In addition to working with individual borrowers, I have taught numerous classes and seminars on the 203K process for lenders, nonprofits, homebuyer groups, and HUD, as a contract speaker. I'm a certified HUD direct endorsement (DE) underwriter and licensed 203K consultant.


    I offer a practical understanding of the renovation process and can help you navigate all facets of financing and renovating your new home. I have firsthand experience with the financial nuances of writing 203K loans and the technical requirements placed on the contractors you will hire to do the work. Working with me and my team, you'll avoid all the common pitfalls less experienced lenders encounter when trying to write these specialized mortgages.


    I urge my clients to check the references of any loan officer and company you consider hiring. Always request their NMLS license numbers and confirm they don't have a history of complaints.  When you choose 203KWorld, you can be CONFIDENT you've placed your home project is in the hands a team with the experience and leadership to ensure a smooth 203K loan and renovation process.